By Bryan Trugman, CFP

As you approach retirement, you might find yourself looking for ways to boost your income. Picking up a part-time job might be a good solution. The benefits of getting a part-time job after retirement go beyond earning money.

Studies have shown that working part-time may help prevent cognitive decline, keep you physically active, and increase your social interactions. Let’s discuss the benefits of a part-time job for seniors and which options could work for you.

Benefits of Working in Retirement

Keeps the Mind Sharp

Continuing to work in retirement can help keep your mind active and alert. Studies from the National Institute of Health report that engaging in activities such as working or volunteering can  help keep your mind active as you age. Working even on a part-time schedule may help you maintain a sense of purpose, foster more social interaction, and keep you mentally stimulated. That’s especially important for seniors who may spend most of their time alone. 

Improved Physical Health

A body in motion stays in motion. Choosing to work in retirement might have the added benefit of keeping you physically active. There’s no doubt you’d want to take time to rest after working full-time for multiple decades, but getting a part-time job could help you avoid the downsides of a sedentary lifestyle. 

Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes become more prevalent when you’re less physically active, according to the World Health Organization. Part-time work can provide seniors with opportunities to stay active, such as standing, walking, or lifting light objects, which can help improve overall health.

Extra Income

The obvious advantage of choosing to work in retirement is the added income. It’s useful for seniors who need to bridge the gap between their retirement savings and their expenses. It might also help those with unexpected expenses. Saving for retirement is important, but other factors may have prevented you from contributing as much to your savings as you would have liked. In this case, a part-time job may provide a cushion and help you enjoy your retirement years with minimized financial stress. 

Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Retail or Customer Service

If you’re looking for a role with ample social interaction, a retail or customer service position could work for you. These jobs often have flexible schedules and might even help you find a sense of purpose and community. Local stores might have open positions including greeters, cashiers, or sales associates.

Personal Care Assistant

Personal care assistants provide in-home assistance to those who may have difficulty with daily tasks. If you enjoy helping others, this type of work can be rewarding as it offers the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. In many cases, there’s training required, but some agencies provide paid training programs.

Administrative Assistant

If you’re looking for a position that lets you use your organizational skills, you might consider working as an administrative assistant. This also includes roles such as an office clerk, secretary, or receptionist. This type of work is less physically demanding, but still may have flexible hours depending on the company you work for. 

Tax Implications of Part-Time Work for Seniors

It’s important to note that if you choose to work part-time in retirement, there may be some tax implications to consider. If you’re getting Social Security and even distributions from your retirement accounts, the added income from part-time work might put you in a higher tax bracket, which means you’ll pay more in taxes. It could also impact your Social Security benefit if you make over a certain amount each year. To get full guidance on this matter, it’s important to speak with a financial advisor who can help with tax planning. 

Take the Next Step

Working a part-time job has benefits beyond the added income. While it does provide extra money, it also helps you stay physically active, engage with your community, and keep your mind sharp. 

Even though some retirees depend on part-time income to make ends meet, we want to help you develop a retirement plan that makes getting a part-time job optional, not necessary. To find out how we can help you, schedule your free consultation. You can also reach out to me via email at or give me a call at (516) 762-7603.

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