Your Financial Success Begins with a

Winning Attitude

Providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management to help you achieve your life goals

Why Are You Here?

If we had to guess, it’s because you’re looking for a partner for your financial journey. Someone who understands how to help people achieve financial success.

At Attitude Financial Advisors, we believe that your financial success begins with a winning attitude. Your attitude and behavior toward finances has EVERYTHING to do with your prosperity. Our job as your trusted financial advisor is to help you understand your existing behaviors and align them with what you want to accomplish using our unique financial planning process.

Emotions Drive Your Financial Decisions

And That’s Okay

We make hundreds of decisions every day. What to wear, what to eat, when to leave the house to be on time for work. And that’s before your day actually begins. When it’s time to make decisions about your finances, how do you make them? Are you driven by the rational side, or the emotional side of your brain?

The Rational Side

Many think this side of the brain is the decision maker. But in reality, it helps us to rationalize the emotional decisions we make, including financial decisions.

The Emotional Side

This side of the brain focuses on imagination and visualizing future possibilities, and it is the side of the brain actively engaged in decision making. You can feel this every time you get joyful or nervous before making a big financial decision.

Helping You Make Financial Decisions

So your emotions drive your decisions. That just means you have something in common with every other person on this planet.

Our financial advisors understand this. Instead of trying to correct human nature, we harness your emotional decision making power to make better, more thoughtful decisions through behavioral finance. We seek to align your personal values – the things most important to you – with a comprehensive financial planning strategy designed to achieve your goals.

The result is NOT a product. It’s a holistic, ongoing process. Along each step of the way, we help you develop good financial habits that will enable you to accomplish the things you want.

We Can Help You:

Save & Invest For Your Future
Protect & Enjoy More of Your Wealth
Live a More Fulfilling Life
Give Back

Why Choose Attitude Financial Advisors?

We believe that comprehensive financial planning is the best way to help people achieve their financial goals. Here’s what makes us different.

Thinking Beyond Investments

We don’t sell products, we follow a process. We make it about you, not the bottom line.

The Team

We’re a multi-generational office that supports you in a collaborative, team-based environment.

Online Dashboard

We have a robust online portal to easily track progress on goals whenever, wherever you are.


Trust is necessary in our business. We seek to instill that trust day one, and strive to keep it every day.


We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

CFP® Certification

Jeffrey Trugman and Bryan Trugman are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, further exemplifying our commitment to financial planning.

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Hear directly from our clients

“I have a solid investment and savings strategy thanks to Bryan and Alex, and I truly value this partnership. I have recommended Alex to several people, telling anyone that will listen that he is fair and realistic in his advice.” — Sasha A.

“I recommend Attitude Financial Advisors to friends and clients as often as I’m able, sharing that Attitude’s “attitude” is not about selling products, but learning what a client needs … I appreciate their professional approach to financial planning for the future and helping us identify concrete goals.” — Elan W.

“Without question, the most important benefit of our partnership is accountability! Working with Bryan is not a one-and-done, and knowing we’ll be catching up throughout the year keeps me on track.” — Kim P.

“I can now say I feel very confident about retiring. My colleagues asked me how I came to this point. I told them I trusted and relied on the team at Attitude.” — David H.

“I have enthusiastically recommended Bryan and his team to friends and business colleagues, sharing how Bryan isn’t just looking to manage and allocate your money; he wants to understand you, your goals, and your dreams.” — Evan K.



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