Financial Planning

Most people juggle a LOT of responsibilities, from the mundane…

Should we eat at home or go out to dinner?
I need to donate to the school fundraiser this week.
When was the last time I balanced my budget?
Should I buy that new book for my collection?

To the serious:

What can I do to further my career?
How do I best prepare my children for success?
We’ll need to update our wills before the end of the year.
What will my spouse and I do when we retire?

From the details of your day-to-day to the far-reaching implications of big decisions, every choice you make has the potential to impact your finances. But how do you plan, prepare, and incorporate the financial perspective into your daily life?

That’s what a dedicated financial planner is for. That’s what we do at Attitude Financial Advisors.

Many financial professionals focus on selling investment products and only claim to offer you advice. A financial planner takes a different approach, and begins by learning about you. What drives you, what issues you face (big and small), and what you want to accomplish in the future.

A financial planner finds out what’s most important to you, analyzes your financial situation, and prepares a holistic, written financial plan to achieve your goals.

Your financial plan will be unique

It’s Designed Just for You

Our planners have drafted hundreds of plans in their over 50 years of combined experience. Some of the most common concerns a financial plan is designed to address include:

How to pay for a child’s education
When to retire
How to make money in retirement
Restructuring assets to leave a legacy
Protecting the family from unforeseen events
Minimizing the impact of taxes
Enjoying life without worrying about money
Finding ways to give back to causes you care about


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